Lelap di Pelukmu (asleep in your arms…)

by Femi Nolce (October 21st, 2010)
Malam sudahlah larut, (It is late at night,)
kelopak pun terasa berat. (Eyelid almost close.)
Inginku pejamkan mata dan terbuai dalam mimpi, (I wanna close these eyes and lulled into dream,)
namun tak rela aku tinggalkan hari. (but somehow, I’m not willing to leave this day.)
Entahlah… (I don’t know…)
Hanya saja aku ingin merasakan sehari bak sebulan, (It’s just I wanna feel a day as a month,)
biar puas ku jalani hari. (so I will live my life happy.)
Tapi imaji tetaplah imaji, (But imagination is still imagination)
Terlalu naif untuk realita. (It’s too naive for a reality)
Aku pun pasrah, (Then I resigned,)
berharap lelap dalam pelukan malam… (I hope fall asleep in the night’s arms…)

~ Sometimes, we did not satisfied what we got a day. We felt sorry for a mess we made and hoped if only we could turned back the time. We forget that tomorrow is a gift. A gift to fix as we can the that mess, and a gift to a new chances. ~


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